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Extended deadline submission of extended abstracts:        31/03/2015

Notification of acceptance:                                                01/05/2015

Submission of full paper:                                                    30/06/2015

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Workshop Working Group on Environment (ICID WG-ENV)

14 October 2015, 09:00-12:30

“Ecosystem Services and Multi-Functionality of Irrigation and Drainage Systems”


Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives, Case Studies and Practical Prospects

Schedule for submission of abstracts/full papers

Submission of abstracts (max. 300 words): 31 March 2015

Notification of acceptance 30 April 2015

Submission of full paper (8000 words): 30 June 2015

Contact co-ordinates:

Workshop Chairperson: Dr. Sylvain R. Perret, Chairman, WG-ENV – E-mail:

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar; Director, ICID – E-mail:

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Workshop Working Group on Comprehensive Approaches to Flood Management (ICID WG-CAFM)

12 October 2015; 14:00-17:30   

Adaptive Flood Management and Flood Mapping


Non-structural Adaptations to Flood Management

Schedule for submission of abstracts/full papers

Submission of abstracts (max. 300 words): 15 April 2015

Notification of acceptance 15 May 2015

Submission of full paper 31 July 2015

Contact co-ordinates:

Workshop Chairman: Dr. Kamran Emami (Iran), Chairman of WG-CAFM, E-mail:

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Vijay K Labhsetwar, Director, ICID, E-mail:

Call for papers


Workshop on “Irrigation and Energy


Schedule for submission of abstracts/full papers

Deadline submission abstracts and papers: 31/03/2015

Contact co-ordinates:

Workshop Organizer: Gilles Belaud, Supagro/G-Eau – E-mail:

Workshop Organizer: Luciano Mateos, CSIC Cordoba – E-mail:

Call for papers



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Call for Papers for the Fourth Agricultural Science Week of West and Central Africa and the 11th General Assembly of CORAF/WECARD

Closing Date: 20th February 2014 (this date will be extend)

The West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF/WECARD), in collaboration with its partners, is organizing its 4th Agricultural Science  Week of West and Central Africa (4th SSA-AOC/ ASW-WCA) and its 11th General Assembly in Niamey in Niger in June 2014.

The central theme chosen for the 4th SSA-AOC is: “Innovative Agro-sylvo-pastoral Systems for feeding West and Central Africa“.

The aim of the4th SSA-AOC/ASW-WCA is to identify mechanisms of improvement of productivity and of adaptation of vulnerable producers, of agro-sylvo-pastoral exploitation systems to global disruptions and changes (climate change, land pressure, degradation of natural resources, price volatility, etc.) in West and Central Africa.

The Central theme of the week will be sub-divided and treated as four sub-themes:

1. Sub-theme 1: Improvement of productivity and of resilience of agro-pastoral systems

2. Sub-theme 2: Policies supportive of an efficient access of the Agro-sylvo-pastoral systems to the resources and markets.

3. Sub-theme 3: Strengthening of the competences in agricultural research and development to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. 

4. Sub-theme 4: Production and management of knowledge for the strengthening of the resilience of agro-pastoral systems.

The agricultural research for development in West and Central Africa community is invited to submit proposals for oral communication and posters on one of the four sub-themes mentioned above.

Informations for the submission

The abstracts of articles and posters must not exceed one page. The paragraphs should be in ‘justify’ mode and in ‘Arial size 11 font’.

The summaries should contain the following information:

1. Sub-theme under which the article or the poster is written (choose from the list of the four sub-themes mentioned above);

2. Title (not more than 15 words in bold print and in capital letters);

3. Names of Authors written as follows: Author, A.B; Author, C.D; Author, E.F.; etc.

4. Surname, name and address of the person to be contacted (name and street number; Town/Postal Code/Country; Telephone,E-mail);

5. Summary of the content including the following sections: Introduction (statement of the problem and aim); Methodology; Results; Discussions and Conclusions.

The proposals will be analysed in complete confidentiality by the members of a selection commission. In the case of acceptance, the summaries of the oral communications selected will be compiled in a brochure in French and English versions and distributed to the participants before the beginning of the work of the science week.

The authors selected will be asked to develop their summaries into full articles, which could be published in the special edition of the AFRICAN AGRONOMY Review.

You are invited to send your proposals (summary of article or poster) by E-mail, in separate files, to the following address: sw4ag11 , not later than the 20th of February 2014.
Proposals sent after this date will not be taken into consideration.

Only candidates whose proposals will have been selected will be contacted to proceed to the development of a Full Paper.

Copyright on the presentations

In the case where a communication or a poster is accepted:
– All the material presented during the science week (slides, prospectus, advertising leaflets, brochures, documents in PDF and Word formats, workshop material and videos) will be considered as the original work of their authors/presenters who will then hold the property rights;

– All the authors and co-authors will hold their non exclusive rights to the intellectual property of their work;

– The authors and co-authors accept that their documents, prepared for the needs of the science week be disseminated for free on the CORAF/WECARD website and through the channels of other means of communication, during and after the event.

– A declaration will be published forbidding the exploitation, for commercial purposes, of documents presented during this event.

– Formal permission will be necessary for total or partial use of these documents for non-commercial purposes.

Financial support

Participation in the Science Week of the main actors, whose papers or posters will be selected, will be financed by CORAF/WECARD (transportation, food and lodging).

Incentive Prizes

The following Incentive Prizes will be awarded:  (i) prize for the best poster, (ii) prize for the best paper presented by a woman, and (iii) prize for the best paper presented by a young researcher.

For further information you are invited to visit the following website portal set up for the event.